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Michael Joseph

(832) 265-7791

Michael K. Joseph


Michael Joseph has been engaged in the real estate industry since 1999 with a background as a loan officer. Working in the appraisal industry helped to develop his eyes to see value and defects in properties.


Being trained by these two companies has afforded Michael the wealth of knowledge to develop into a young real estate investor, so when you hire Michael Joseph to work on your behalf, you are not hiring the average real estate agent. He’s an agent that has walked the walk.


Michael says, “Training has been very intense over the years. Being a REALTOR means that learning never stops. In order to be able to provide the best consulting possible to my clients, it is imperative that I keep my education up to par with the real estate industry and it’s relative fields”


No matter where you are in your real estate transaction needs; a first-time home-buyer, renter, looking for an investment property, or even if you are facing pre-foreclosure - please call Michael Joseph to help you.

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